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haikuwrimo summer 2013
hisashiburi haiku no rimo ya taikai e
after so long
a haikuwrimo-
to convention
hato sawagi kyannon no hana ochi ni nari
pigeons making a din,
cannon flowers shatter to the ground
yaki sake ni roozumarii ya neko no nyao
Rosemary to grilled salmon-
the cats meow
cha no naka ni minto ukabu ya seisho yomu
mint leaves floating on the tea-
reading the Bible
hakushon de
:iconmoyanii:moyanII 18 20
HaikuWriMo August 2013
1. Winter Sun
red blood sunrise
reflects onto fallen
snow -- newly spilled.
2. In the Breeze
wind rustles
the clean cut grass
like your hair.
3. Thunder Storms
your skin smells
of rain; nostalgia
and tangled hair.
4. Beautiful Scars
create empty ravines
on my unblemished skin.
5. Rainbow Skies
your tears are
rainbows dripping
from the sky.
6. Spring Fins
little koi dart
through clear water like
hummingbirds in spring.
7. Wallflower
a rose bloom
sits perfectly still
in your iris.
8. Unfocused
water droplets
spill onto leaves.
unfocused galaxies.
9. In Between the Pages
i took your heart
and bottled it up;
pressed flowers.
10. Desert Paintings
a canvas sunset
falls onto painted
brush landscapes.
11. Crying Skies
lightning streaks
across purple skies;
plunging tear drops.
12. Melting
silk feathers
land on the cement
like melted snow.
13. Faulty Architecture
sand castles crumble
while the win
:iconlion-essrampant:lion-essrampant 34 99
legs :icon6l33:6l33 241 3 the original x-men :icons-u-w-i:s-u-w-i 440 46 The Dope Show :iconphilliewig:Philliewig 37 23
I spoke the old languages to her
and gripped the earth
with my toes
curled up
into a ball of teeth and nails
her tongue
built universities over me
'I love you too'
:icongay-mountain:Gay-Mountain 7 4
the truth behind loving someone
you didn't love her.
the only movie you watched that ever stuck with you was 500 days of summer, and when she asked you to carry her over the rush of the creek that way that summer would have, you did. you never knew what it was that attracted you to that movie, or the idea of loving a girl as much as the protagonist had, but you assumed it was something you should do. you were young, anyways, and you were good looking, and she, among many, had dropped words in your hands, hoping you'd hold onto something. take it somewhere, ask for more, take more, like you deserved. you don't know why you took more from her. maybe she looked best for the part. you don't really know.
she was happy, always. she listened to music, you knew; she wore her favorite bands like clothing, wore art in her denim and hair length, and maybe she was better looking with makeup on or off, but she looked like a project, color paper cut and placed over her body in haphazard precision. she was a doll, everyone said abo
:iconkaitforest:KaitForest 32 24
Gray-Streaked :iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 17 16
The reason I won't be coming
because I waited outside of
Piccadilly Station
when it rained atop
a sea of black umbrellas
for hour after hour
and I watched with dripping skin
as the deluge hit the gutters
and drowned the littered pavements
on that day
and all that drizzly air
had the smell
of wishless pennies
and I thought about you always
I thought about you only
in that frozen autumn grey
and as the Piccadilly clock
ticked its forever time away
I fell from love and lightness
down to
never wanting you to stay
but still I waited for you
yet another hopeless hour
as the end-of-wednesday workers
gathered 'round the sterile banks
waiting for their midweek pittance pay
I watched as they lined at
all the busy counters
of cheap Korean florists,
taking all those rainbow bouquets
home as gifts for Valentines day
and still I waited for you
outside Piccadilly Station, in the rain.
and you never came.
:iconbrassteeth:brassteeth 7 11
Tea Brown
It was all about finding those edges where the shore met
took a trip at first, a little dip to test the water, tea-brown and murky
but swimming was easy and keeping one hand on land
was like trying to climb a mountain of sand
and the tide, a rip, took us out to sea
It was all about keeping your head above the water
because you'd never see the monsters underneath in that lightless place
but they could only get you when you got tired or
when it got too hard to escape that place
deep-space diving got dangerous
It was all about coming up for air to fill your lungs
and trying to keep the hair out of your eyes even though you couldn't see
it felt safer, like running at night, faster and silent
but the only way was down and deep
with all the added weight
It was about remembering what floating was like back when you could always
put your feet down and walk out when you were done swimming
or when the water got too cold or when you just needed
to get someplace dry but now every direction is
:iconevermore:evermore 75 12
View Of Ludorf Over The Meadows, Germany :iconbarbarapommerenke:BarbaraPommerenke 20 2



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